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Add a little Kick’s to your next get together with Kick’s Genuine Broaster® Chicken, hearty side dishes, fresh salads, wraps, Kick’s tenders, and made-from-scratch soups.

Box Lunch

Choose any combination of wrap sandwiches. Comes with house-made chips and pickle slices.

5-10 box lunches 7.99/person
11-20 box lunches 7.69/person
21+ box lunches 7.39/person

Add a cookie for 1.00
Add bottled water for 1.00


Party Packs

Kick’s Party Packs make party planning easy.

Create Your Own Party Pack

7.00/person without salad, 8.00/person with salad. Serves 20+
• Choose your chicken - Genuine Broaster Chicken or Broasterie. Substitute chicken tenders for an extra 1.00/person
• Choose 2 sides - Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Roasted Corn, Cole Slaw, Pasta Salad
• Choose 1 salad - Caesar or House

Tender Party Pack

37.99 Serves 4-6
• 15 Kick’s Tenders
• Mac and Cheese
• Cole Slaw
Add Caesar or House Salad 16.99

Team Party Pack

69.99 Serves 8-10
• 25 pieces of Kick’s Genuine Broaster® or Broasterie Chicken or 25 Kick’s Tenders
• 2 SideKicks (Quarts)
• Caesar or House Salad


Kick's Genuine Broaster® Chicken or Broasterie® Chicken

24-Piece Serves 8-12 39.99
48-Piece Serves 16-24 74.99
72-Piece Serves 24-36 109.99
96-Piece Serves 32-48 139.99

Chicken Tenders

With BBQ, Ranch, Honey Mustard or Mild Buffalo Sauce
24-Piece Serves 8-12 44.99
48-Piece Serves 16-24 79.99
72-Piece Serves 24-36 114.99
96-Piece Serves 32-48 149.99


Quart/Pan (Serves 12-20)
Mac and Cheese 8.99/22.99
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy 9.99/34.99
Cole Slaw 8.99/22.99
Roasted Corn 8.99/22.99
Pasta Salad 8.99/29.99
Pickles Thick-cut pickle chips (pint) 2.99
Kick’s Chips 12 ounces 3.99

Soups & Chili

By the quart

Made-From-Scratch Soups 6.99
      Chicken Noodle
      Roasted Tomato Pesto
      Chicken Tortilla
      Corn Chowder with Roasted Red Pepper
Chicken Chili 10.99

Wrap Platters

Tex Mex Wrap    12-Piece 36.99    24-Piece 69.99
Seasoned pulled chicken with Monterey Jack cheese, chipotle ranch, avocado, romaine, pinto beans, green onion, cilantro, and pico de gallo.

Chicken Ceasar Wrap    12-Piece 36.99    24-Piece 69.99
Fresh grilled or breaded seasoned chicked with romaine, Parmesan cheese, Kick's Caesar dressing, and our housemade focaccia croutons.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap   12-Piece 36.99    24-Piece 69.99
Fresh grilled or breaded seasoned chicken with romaine, celery, Cheddar cheese, red and green onions, and Buffalo sauce. Served with Ranch or Bleu Cheese.


Salads serve 4-5 as an entree 8-12 as a side.           

House Salad 19.99
Chopped romaine and spinach blend with Cheddar cheese, tomatoes, corn, and sunflower seeds. Dressing choices: Chili Lime Vinaigrette, Red Wine Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Chipotle Ranch, Ranch, Caesar.  

Caesar Salad 19.99
Romaine, Parmesan cheese, and homemade focaccia croutons and our tangy Caesar dressing.

Caesar with Chicken Salad 26.99
Caesar salad topped with warm grilled marinated chicken.

Santa Fe Salad 29.99
Seasoned pulled chicken, romaine, red and green onions, roasted corn, diced tomatoes, pinto beans, tortilla strips, cilantro, Chili Lime Vinaigrette, and Monterey Jack cheese. With a drizzle of Chipotle Ranch.

Cobb Salad 38.99
Romaine, bacon, tomatoes, black olives, pulled chicken, Bleu cheese crumbles, hard-boiled eggs, red onion and Red Wine Vinaigrette.

Beverages 20-oz bottles 2.29 ea

Includes: Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Bottled Water

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