Meet Jay Cipra. He started the whole Kick's thing.

Why? Because he loves chicken almost as much as he loves his family. His license plate says "Chicken Man", his ring tone plays the "Chicken Dance", his text tone crows "Cock-A-Doodle-Doo", and he offers up gummy chicken feet to all who enter his office. Yeah, the man loves chicken. (To be fair, pictures of his family grace his office and are plentiful on his phone.)

He got his degree in Marketing and Finance from the University of Denver (not a lot of chickens around the business school, but whatever). Jay is also president and CEO of The Broaster Company, another business built on chicken. Before his 10 years at Broaster he focused on building his career with leadership roles in sales, marketing & finance. His favorite way to eat chicken? Broasted using the Genuine Broaster® Chicken method and served with waffles.

Ken Folisi, Naperville Native and Kick's GM

Ken is a culinary school grad from nearby College of DuPage and has a degree from National Louis University in Management. Ken has spent his whole working life in the restaurant business. Before coming to Kick’s, Ken spent his time working in leadership roles in training and development and restaurant operations.

He’s passionate about building great teams. He believes in serving awesome food made with fresh ingredients by people who care. He loves Genuine Broaster® Chicken and Naperville, IL (the city he calls home). His goal is to make Kick’s a staple of the community where he and his wife will raise their soon-to-be child.

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