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Kick’s Chicken Café was created to give convention a kick in the pants. To let chicken take its rightful place outside of the fast food arena. To showcase the flavor and juiciness that comes from fresh chicken that’s not pumped full of saline. Yeah, we said it, lots of fast food chicken is flavored with salt and MSG only. And it sure ain’t fresh.

Our chicken gets its kick from a 60-year tradition using Broaster's® marinades, coatings and cooking processes. After letting it soak in the goodness of our marinades over night, we cook our broasted® items in a patented pressure fryer, which keeps out oil and locks in juiciness. This is the secret to our awesome flavor and general goodness. But we don’t go all Brady Bunch Reruns on you. Our create-your-own signature sandwich lets you create a dish with your own special kick.

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